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    I have a problem, hopefully you guys can help me out here.

    I addded a USB-Serial adapter to my XP Pro machine to get an extra serial port. No problems there. Hooked up my ocelot to it. Cmax can talk to the ocelot, but oddly reports "comms lost" after about 10 seconds.... but you can immediately reconnect for another 10 seconds.

    So, I thought I'd see how homeseer handled that. I turned on the ADIOcelot interface, set the right comm port and restarted HS. That's when my troubles started.

    Got a timeout communicating with the CMUXA or whatever. I cancelled the 30 second dialog box and got nothing. The UI never came up. So I popped into the task manager and killed the program. Restarted HS and got nothing. zilch. It shows in the task manager that it's attempting to run for about 2 seconds, then it disappears.

    So, I went back to yesterdays backup and restored that. No joy. I went back to my oldest backup, 5 days, and restored that. No joy.

    I uninstalled HS completely and reinstalled from my original disc. STILL nothing. It just attempts to start and then nothing.

    I am beyond pissed off now, so if you guys can think of anything that may be helpful, I'd be in your debt.

    ok, update: Even though HS was uninstalled and out of the installed programs list, it was still sitting in c:\program files\homeseer just happy as a clam. Very odd. I was able to reinstall from the disc and i got the genie poofing up to say hello and hollar about the missing xml file, so at least i'm back in the ballpark.

    Anyone know why the ocelot addition would make it fubar like it is?


    Those USB/serial cables don't always work the way they're supposed to. If you need another serial port pick up a PCI card to add a couple extras.
    As for your HS problem, I don't really know. Any chance you've still a restore point that's not too far back that you could go back to?