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Looking for good Security System

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    Looking for good Security System

    I'm hunting around for a decent security system that can control x10 devices and ideally make a phone call when an alarm is triggered. I live in an apartment built in 1835 so I think a hardwire system is out of the question (?).

    I was looking at's "deals" that they have and noticed their wireless security system, although very ugly, seems like it may have what I'm looking for.

    I have 4 entry ways and probably 4-8 windows I'd like to protect.

    As far as my current setup, I don't have Way2Call but I am looking into getting one. I do have an Ocelot and the SECU-16IR but I just got them and haven't had time to play around with them.

    Any suggestions / experiences with good (wireless) security systems?


    Hi John,
    You might want to look at the Visonic PowerMax system. Its wirelss and also has one wired zone should you need it.
    This has the ability to control X10 devices, you just connect up a powerline interface CM11 or simillar. It controls up to 7 devices, via programming of the main unit or by the remote keypad. It can also phone you when an alarm event is triggered, or phone you when the cleaner deactivates the alarm and when they reset it again. I think you can set up to 4 PIN codes to be able to arm/ disarm the system.
    Their website is .
    Hope this helps.


      This has been covered hundreds of times on this BB. A search for Security System turns up some very good information: