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Email does not appear to work

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    Email does not appear to work

    I require use of the email reception feature. I have tried using the POP settings and the MAPI settings which use Outlook Express.

    Neither setting appears to work. I send the msg, it goes to my inbox but Homeseer does nothing about it.

    I am running Windows XP Pro SP1a, Outlook Express and have Frontiernet DSL

    Any assistance would be great.

    I am far from being an email expert, but it sounds like you are downloading from the server to OE? If so, I beleive you need to keep a copy on the server and let Homeseer go out and get the message.


      Actually there is a section of the OPTIONS that does not require OE. I also configured OE to keep the email on the server that made no difference.

      I really need to get this feature the work because this was the one thing that I need and Homeseer advertised this item.


        What did you enter as the FROM email address? Many people enter their display name instead of the actual email address. This feature does work.

        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")