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Getting RedRat3 to work with Homeseer

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    Getting RedRat3 to work with Homeseer

    I just received my RedRat3 IR transceiver ( and I want to get it configured to work in Homeseer. On the Options/Interfaces page there is the possibility to define the IR device but the list does not include the RedRat.

    Does anyone have any experience of adding the RedRat3 to Homeseer? Which device did you use to configure it? SmartLinc, ConceptUK, IRLinc 1623???

    Or will the RedRat3 be added to the list at some point?

    Any ideas greatly welcomed.

    a quick search of the BB turned up a few threads about the RedRat but it doesn't appear anyone has written a plugin for it. Without some programming of your own or a plugin from someone it apperas it is not going to work. Here's a thread that has a development link though.


      Yes I saw that one and I can get that 'method' to work but I would like to be able to use the Homeseer remote control functions to create my own virtual devices. There are other ways but that means having more tools and I try to keep everything 'inside' Homeseer is possible.

      So really I was wondering if anyone has got the RR3 to work by using another device in the config.
      Thanks for the reply anyway.


        Back in November, Chris Dodge of RedRat was working on a plugin. I would guess he did not finish it. I would email him and see were he's at.

        website | buy now | support | youtube


          I noticed that the RedRat xap connector has been released at Since my xapPlugin acts as an IR interface to homeseer you should be able to use the RedRat with homeseer. Let me know if you want to go the xap route.