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How to move to a new computer?

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    How to move to a new computer?

    My old PC has just about had it, so I bought a new PC.

    My question is, now that I have a bunch of plug ins running with virtual devices created etc.. . what is the easiest way to move evrything over to the new computer?

    Will I have to painstakenly go through the whole installation process for each plug in?

    Will I be able to copy over dvices and events?

    How should I do it?


    Why not just install the hard drive from the old machine. Another method if this is not possible and one I have used. Install the operating system on to the new machine. Then either fit the old drive as a secondary or use an IDE to USB interface and connect the old drive via the USB port. Then use a program called Xclone. This is used in a DOS window within windows. Then you will have to reinstall/repair the windows setup on the new machine. I have found this method with the USB to IDE interface very succesful, and saves having to reload software and plugins.
    Xclone can be found by doing a web search. If you have problems then I will dig out my copy and post it here for you.


      This scenario has been discussed many times on this board. I know the search capabilities leave a lot to be desired but if you do a little searching, you should find that this question is asked frequently.