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    Lyrics Display

    I wasn't sure where to put this since it involves a bunch of different peices, but here it goes....

    what I am trying to do is create a button that will allow the lyrics of a currently playing song to be displayed.

    With that said... here comes the tricky requirements...

    1) The data must be pullled from WinAmp (song title & artist name)

    2) WinAmp is running on a different machine from Homeseer.

    3) I would like the data to be displayed in an .asp page so that I can put it in the touchpad interface.

    Why do I need this? Because right now I control most everything from a tabletPC running in kiosk mode, displaying the touchpad interface. I try and keep the device clean and user friendly.

    Right now I use BrowseAmp to control WinAmp and it has gone over GREAT with my wife (after trying many other apps), so this can not change. Now when she goes lyrics looking she opens a new web window and has to fight the onscreen keyboard as she goes web hunting.

    Anyone have an idea?

    I would even settle for a seperate window popping up that displayed the current lyrics and could just be shut returning to the touchpad interface.

    I am not looking for time sync, or any fancy sing a long stuff.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might have an idea.

    Not sure if it will do exactly what you want it to, but check out the Seeramp plugin. It's available via the updater.



      I have read thru the SeerAmp forum and two things jump out at me:

      1) No screenshots
      2) It is a complete control system. Unless I could get it to behave exactly like BrowseAmp, I would have a major WAF hit.

      And trust me... it took some WAF building to get that tablet in the living room.

      I will still check out SeerAmp, assuming it has a free trial, but somehow I think I will need another solution.



        I belive mcsMusic already handles all your criteria and it has the button already in place. The default window displayed is the track information. It can be changed to show the lyrics or the bio of the artist with two available buttons. Winamp can be local or remote. The browser interaface can be anywhere that homeseer provides service.

        I believe that the plugin assumes that the source media is from your library and started with a playlist from the same. I think Winamp will not disclose the track info for a mp3 stream. I know I have done it with a real audio stream (ra) via Spinamp through Winamp in the past.


          I took a look at mcsMusic but it apperas it requires a seperate database be kept updated, as well as it seems to require you to use it's interface for playing albums, instead of just being able to poll a current instance of WinAmp.

          Did I miss something?

          What I would really like is if I could use any of the winamp plug-ins that display lyrics in the web window on winamp, and then have that data displayed in a window of my choosing (probably just a simple page within BrowseAmp or touchpad)


            I believe the only way to gain access to lyrics from a winamp plugin is with another winamp plugin since this the only mechanism to get handles to windows other than winamp's main window.

            Dale's SeerAmp does implement a winamp plugin and maybe you could convince him to provide an extension to his plugin for this feature.

            If you are better at programming than negotitating then you could follow the winamp sdk and do one of your own.

            Another option which I think should work as well for you is use the available resources (web & local database) to retrieve the database based upon the track info from Winamp. In this case it could all be done via scriting with components already posted to this board.