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Why is this working in Test Mode but not when executed?

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    Why is this working in Test Mode but not when executed?

    Although this is utilizing the WMP plug-in, it seems more an issue with HS Phone....

    I have an event which trigger when I asked via HSP what the current song playing is.

    Here is the line of script I use:

    &system.speak "This is " & hs.GetPlugins("Media Player").scripting.Title & " by " & hs.GetPlugins("Media Player").scripting.Artist

    Now... if I have a song playing and I hit the test button, no problem. It pulls the artist and song name from the WMP plug-in and speaks it.

    However, if I trigger it from a condition being satisfied (in this case, a voice command), the song info is not pulled; i.e. it just speaks the phrase "This is" "by" leaving out the artist and song name.

    Why would this be happening??



    I don't have the answer, but since both functions are using the sound card, (voice control and media player) you might be having a conflict where the script can't gain access while the voice command is active?
    aybe you could try a stoplisten (I forget the actual syntax) command at the beginning of the script.