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best plugin for whole house/general audio

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    best plugin for whole house/general audio

    ive been evaluating michael mcsharry's mcsMusic for a couple of weeks now. i intend to replace/revamp my whole house audio system.

    i've also been looking at the homeseer wmp9 plugin which looks like it has a good api.

    what ive found is that mcsMusic is cheaper & a lot more versatile for implmenting whole house audio.

    before i purchase, i want to ask others to verify/counter my findings:

    mcsMusic advantages:

    - control multiple concurrent sources
    - support multiple sound cards (via player being used)
    - choose your own player (natively supports WMP, winamp, cdj and more 'out of the box')
    - web interface (based on the original nowplaying - but without the headache of TTF etc)
    - extensible api: i can add my own players (eg i could create a player that actually controls an external cd player via IR). such a player would be controlled by the same api & web page that controls my software players).
    - its cheaper than the wmp9 plugin
    - it actually has documentation

    what is the advantage of wmp9 homeseer plugin or any other audio related plugins over mcsMusic?

    thanks in advance,