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  • Do Not Disturb

    Has anyone created a do not disturb event?
    I would like to be able to hit a button and have the callerID not announce, the front door motion sensor not announce, ect.

    I think I would be set if I had something that would stop the message server plug-in and disable some events.

    Of course, the whole process would have to be able to be turned back on easily as well.

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    If all you want to do is mute the HS speaking then a simple event using hs.MuteSpeech = TRUE should do it.


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      I have three pictures on my touchscreen. Volume, low volume, no volume. It works great.


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        While the volume is good for the announcements from the server, it wouldn't stop the announcements spoken from the clients using Message Server.

        Create a Virtual Device called Do Not Disturb.
        Then in each of the events that you want to be able to deactivate, add a condition to the trigger.

        Do Not Disturb is Off.

        When you don't want to be disturbed go to the stat page and turn the device On. Turn it off when you are ready to be ... distubed again.
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          be careful about mutespeech, it still lets the wave files play.


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            Unfortunately that wouldn't help my message server events, as well as the events that have nothing to do with speech, but still need to be stopped.

            That would be good, but my annoucement machine is also my music jukebox, and I often want to stop the annoucements but keep the tunes coming.

            What a simple and perfect solution! This should also work as an IF/Then in my scripts that run without an event (ala NetCallerID). If I just tell the event or script to check that status before running.
            As usual you have come through in a great way!
            I'll let you know how it goes.


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              As an aside, because I think it is just to funny, I thought I would share the event that made this Do not disturb request a big hit to WAF.

              Picture a Friday evening... me and thye wife have had a glass of wine... we are listening to some nice music on the whole house stereo... Things start to get heated... and BAM!... the music stops... The house says, "Your mother is calling"... the music reamins paused long enough to hear the message being left on the answering machine in the other room...

              Talk about killing the WAF.


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                Hanfseer, just make the HS voice sound like Barry White and I don't think it would matter what it said... ;-)
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                  This just cracks me up...The visual is enough to make me spill my beer. I can't tell you how many times over the years the ol' HA system has decided that something is so darn important that it must state it's case at the most not so opportune time.


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                    The virtual device would take care of most things, and yes, AFAIK, the message server is driven by events and so you can have it act differently based upon the flag - e.g. don't send the messages, or send them in such a way that they display without making any noise.

                    As for speaking, the SpeakEasy plug-in is very well at this - you just change the priority to high, set the mode to queue, and it starts stacking up all of the things spoken until you let 'em fly later.

                    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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                      I use an event to trigger the foillowing program and to mute the W2C ringer.

                      See this thread.