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Stargate, Omni Pro, Napco????????

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    Stargate, Omni Pro, Napco????????

    Which securuty system has the most functionality and integration with Homeseer. I will need it to perform well as a securuty system, integrate with Homeseer and work with OnQ stuff?

    I am starting without anything but Homeseer and Homeseer Phone.


    The Stargate is a nice automation controller, but not an alarm panel. Your choices would be HAI/OnQ, Caddx, and Napco.

    Given your requirements, you should look closer at the HAI Omni line, and it's clone, the OnQ HMS series. The OnQ HMS is manufactured by HAI, and is 99% identical to the HAI equipment. The HMS units are ready to mount inside the OnQ cabinets, and you can get mounting plates for the HAI panels. Obviously, the integration between a OnQ HMS and other OnQ equipment is pretty good.

    The HS plugin for HAI/OnQ is very good, and is supported by HomeSeer's own Tink.

    The bad point of the OnQ/Hai route is price. Unlike the Caddx and the Napco, the HAI is a full fledged automation controller by itself, in addition to being a UL fire/burg panel. The current units have native support for multiple lighting systems (X10/Compose/ALC/UPB) along with HVAC and touchplate consoles. For me, the extra money was well worth it.
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      The Stargate has native support for Caddx alarm systems, but is not an alarm system by itself. I had a Stargate already, so my choice of alarm systems was an easy one.



        I think that HAI and Homeseer are an excellent fit. The only problem is that the HAI plugin lacks a few nice features, and support of the plugin is limited because so few people have purchased it that updates aren't made often, but currently the plugin works pretty well.


          What nice features are missing that another 'good' choice would have?

          I understand the OnQ system is a clone, but would that one have better features?



            Hey, I'm making progress, slowly but surely. Once you catch wind of the next release of HS we have been working on, you'll understand the time has been fairly well spent.

            Anyway, do start a list here of the features as I have added a bunch recently using a similar list in another thread.

            Are you running the beta release anogee?

            Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


              <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Once you catch wind of the next release <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

              Oh boy, here he goes again, tormenting us.

              <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I understand the OnQ system is a clone, but would that one have better features? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

              IIRC, the differences are almost undetectable. Some additions in the vocabulary, and a change in the ROM that requires you to use the OnQ version of the end-user/dealer programs. Also, by default the OnQ stuff comes ready to mount into a OnQ structured wiring panel, while the HAI products come in an alarm box. I guess you have to ask yourself who you want supporting the panel? HAI or ONQ?
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                Considering that Tink has said how bad the protocol is, would it not be better to just get a bunch of I/O and connect it directly to HomeSeer?

                Why bother with the additional panel?

                Seems like if all the inputs and outputs were connected directly to the computer, all the other issues of polling, missed updates, etc. would go away.

                I am just not sure how to handle the the keypads.

                Also, by having it connected directly to HomeSeer, you avoid having logic in both the PC and the controller?

                I'm confused about whether I even need one of these panels or not????


                  Make no mistake about it, the Omni's are great panels. Both Rick and myself have them, and I'm installing them as a sideline now. We both bitch and moan, because like everything else in the world, it's not perfect. There are less than a dozen good HA controllers out there, and after you throw out all the high-end stuff (ie Crestron, Elan), the HAI lineup makes up half of the remaining six.

                  As for why, the answer is reliability, reliability, reliability. HS is a great product, and when combined with a stable OS (if anything from M$ can be given that title), it does not crash. However, if you compare the reliablity of ANY software driven environment against a dedicated hardware controller, you're talking kids with rubber band guns vs the entire US army. The only way to bring down a HAI panel is from an electrical surge (which can get any electrical appliance), or by physically destroying the panel. I want that type of reliability when talking about safeguarding my house and well-being. If home automation is this nice thing you have that the wife bitches about if it's not working, that's one thing. HA takes care of your security, and the wife sends you to the basement with orders to not come back until it's fixed, that's when you need a panel.
                  My system is described in my profile.


                    I'm with JLehnert here. About 14 months ago I start on my HA project for my just purchased new home. I did my homework, read a LOT of information on forums like this one. Settled on an OmniProII, ocelot and homeseer for the core of the system. The Omni is just a great system, expandable to just outragous amounts and has lots of add-ons (thermostats, temp sensors etc). I can run 64 Thermostats if I want! The Omni is a true alarm system that does home automation pretty well too. The stargate is a HA system and not really an alarm system. The Napco's are good alarm systems but are not that good at HA.

                    You have to think about where you are going to run processes. As the Omni is a true dedicated controller, I put all of my "critical" functions in the Omni controller itself, everything else is done via Homeseer with the ocelet used to control IR. That way, I know when I leave the house an turn the alarm on, the Thermostat will be turned off even if the PC has crashed. This is done using the Omni's built in programming scripts (very simple, but effective).

                    So another vote for the Omni. It's not a cheap system, but an Omni with homeseer (apart for some "interesting" HAI plugin issues) is a great solution.



                      Great. I am going fot the OPII.
                      Seems like enough people have had good results. Pretty pricey, but I should save the dough by plugging the wires in myself.

                      thanks for all of your help.