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Routing wires from attic to wiring closet how?

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    After you finish running all of your wires through, just make sure to spray that form insullation stuff in the holes. That should seal in very well!
    Martin Custer


      I have to run wires from attic to basement. I plan on running them next to a cast iron stovepipe vent.

      There was enough gap for me to run a CAT5 and COAX over a year ago so I hope there is enough room for me to fit another CAT 5 and wires for thermostat so I can finally connect my TXB16 (it's been running in "test mode" for a couple months).

      The vent has a couple of batts of insulation around it so all I need to do is place them back when I am done and I won't have to worry about air leaks.
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        Well I got started today and so far so good. I got my weather server moved and so far all of my one-wire weather devices are working perfectly. I've got my X10 cameras back on line but my pan and tilt is a USB camera and I'm at the limit on the extension cord I'm using on that camera. Routing the wires is going to be easier than I thought. I removed the insulation bat and drilled a hole in the top of the wall plate. I then ran the wires down the edge of the wall. I can then simply replace the insulation bat when I'm finished.
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          Make sure that you take a look at Labor Saving Devices, lots of hints on pulling wires and cool tools!



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            WOW, that is some good info.