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Any of you guys use Belkin wireless routers?

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    Any of you guys use Belkin wireless routers?

    Home Depot of all places has this new router for $64 -$20 rebate and the only reason I'm considering getting one is the fact that it offers wireless scheduling so I can shut down my sons PS2 connection at a descent hour of the night. Any of you guys using one of these? Pros? Cons?
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    Something to note when picking routers is the port fowarding capability. I currently use a D-Link wireless one, and also have a Netgear wireless and Linksys non wireless. The Linksys and Netgear provide for fowarding a *range* of ports, where the D-Link only provides for fowarding individual ports, with ~20 max. On my main box I'm 10 servers for video feed testing, and each need their own port. This combined with the other boxes also running servers has about reached the limit for the D-Link. Being able to foward a range of ports to a box should eliminate this issue.
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      Which DLink do you have? Does it do scheduled wireless routing? I'm a big DLink fan but for the price this Belkin is hard to resist. I only forward about 8 ports and my DI 713P has 20 slots.
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        I've got a DI-614+ and it seems to have scheduled filtering in the filter setup and scheduled blocking in the firewall setup. I watch Officedepot and Staples for the router deals. The DI was $15 after a $20 coupon and rebate at Office depot. The NetGear was $10 after a $35 rebate at Staples. Using froogle can find cheap wireless routers, but do check the shipping prices. I've been looking for cheap ones that can be put in the bridging mode.
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          Are these B or G routers?
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            All of the DLinks that I use here can forward a range of ports. Click on Advanced, then Firewall.

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              I guess mine is too old I upgraded to the last firmware they offered and it's not there. Oh well I could get this Belkin g.
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                I have a F5D7230-4, which doesn't have the HSM option, and I'm very happy with it, though I don't use it much these days. IMO, the best thing about the Belkin units is they have the capability to use WPA with a pre-shared key (PSK) or a RADIUS server, as well as WEP. It has the ability to shut off the router/firewall to be a wireless access point/bridge to your existing network.

                It also allows up to 20 ports or range of ports for
                forwarding (called virtual servers in the Belkin parlayance), and even goes as far as allowing you to spec the protocol (UDP or TCP) for the forwarding (a nice feature for proper firewalling IP). It even has a drop-down list of fairly common gmaes and service ports to make it easy for ppl to add them without knowing the networking ports and protocols they require.

                If these features are in the unit you describe, and I'd bet they are, it's a nice little unit at a great price.
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                  I don't know about Belkin but the Netgear I just got was around $40 or so at Best Buy and can do scheduled shut offs. Its only 802.11b and not g but it does well and covers everything I need it to. An added bonus with this that may come in handy with a teenage son is its ability to log all sites that people on the LAN side go to.


                    I have had very bad luck with several Belkin devices over the years - I do not buy that brand anymore - even things as "simple" as a mouse.

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                      IMHO, Belkin sticks their logo on whatever cheapest stuff from China they can find, i.e., no program to qualify a product. Belkin goes for the big gross margin - low cost, high price.


                        I have been using a Belkin 802.11b router for about a year with no problems. I will have to check on all the options when I get home but it even has parental controls an can block sites to all or just some of the assigned addresses.
                        It also has the ability to set addresses for access at prescribed times although there are only 6 of them and can be assigned a range, would be nice to have the 7th as I use it to limmit the kids to 2 hours a day of internet.

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                          That is exactly what I want to do. Can you tell me the model number you have.
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                            The Belkin I have is a Model F5D-6231-4.
                            Under Connections it has:

                            A Dynamic type of connection is the most common. If you use a cable modem, then most likely you will have a dynamic connection. If you have a cable modem or you are not sure of your connection type, use this.
                            A Static IP address connection type is less common than others. Use this selection only if your ISP gave you an IP address that never changes.
                            If you use a DSL modem and/or your ISP gave you a User Name and Password, then your connection type is PPPoE. Use this connection type.
                            [European Countries Only]. This type of connection is most common in European countries. If your ISP has specifically told you that you use PPTP and has supplied you with the proper PPTP information, then use this option.
                            Telstra Big Pond
                            [Australia Only] Users of Telstra BigPond Cable or DSL will use this option to configure the connection.

                            Under DNS:
                            Automatic from ISP
                            DNS Address >
                            Secondary DNS Address >

                            WAN > MAC address
                            Clone Computer's MAC Address >

                            Wireless > Channel and SSID

                            Wireless > Encryption 64 and 128 bit manual and automatic

                            Firewall > Virtual Servers

                            This function will allow you to route external (Internet) calls for services such as a web server (port 80), FTP server (Port 21), or other applications through your Router to your internal network

                            Firewall > MAC Address Filtering

                            This feature lets you set up a list of allowed clients. When you enable this feature, you must enter the MAC address of each client on your network to allow network access to each.

                            Firewall > Client IP Filters

                            DMZ The DMZ feature allows you to specify one computer on your network to be placed outside of the NAT firewall.

                            Firewall > WAN Ping Blocking

                            Firewall > Security Log

                            The router keeps a log of all activity within the router such as computers logging in and out and any attempts from the Internet to access the router. The log is viewable below.

                            Parental Control

                            Belkin's Parental Control protects you and your children/employees from objectionable content on the web.

                            Utilities > Restart Router
                            Utilities > Restore Factory Defaults
                            Utilities > Firmware Update
                            Utilities > Restore Previous Settings

                            Utilities > System Settings
                            Administrator Password:
                            Login Timeout
                            Time Zone
                            Daylight Savings
                            NAT Enabling :
                            UPNP Enabling :
                            Auto Update Firmware Enabling :

                            Thats all the features on the Belkin I have and no problems at all with it. I also run a Tripp Lite network surge supressor about $17.00 as about 2 yrs ago a lightning strike hit a house 2 doors down and took out my cable modem, network card and the computer power supply even though I have an APC UPS on the computer.

                            Bill C