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Keeping Tabs on the Family Farm

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  • Keeping Tabs on the Family Farm

    Over the generations, our family off-spring have migrated away from farming as a living. As a result, we now have a vacant farm house that we'd like to keep in the family as a place to stay when family members travel far for holidays, etc. "How do we make sure vandals don't torch it in the summer and the furnace doesn't fail in the winter", is the family question. No problem, I say- HomeSeer to the rescue!!! Random lighting for the "lived-in look", and e-mail alerts if something isn't quite right.

    I've got a P-Pro200 w/ 64MB for HS. I figured e-mail of daily noteable events as a "heartbeat" signal and e-mail alerts for "too-cold inside". E-mail because dial-up access is 24k at best and is a long-distance call. And because it would be a day trip to investigate (unless its a break-in and we call the Sheriff).

    I seek your advice and recommendations...
    What else besides random lighting and a daily e-mail can I do with such a limited machine?
    Are there cellular broad-band alternatives to dial-up for "alarms" or remote administration that would be cost effective?
    I've thought of a wireless security system for break-in / smoke detection of the other farm buildings. Any of these have 1000 foot range?
    Other thoughts, comments, similar experiences?

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    If I'm not mistaken JeffCharger does something very similar. Maybe shoot him an email for some suggestions.