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    I also pondered the thought of installing a sprinkler system in my home - complete with self - manufactured fire supression nozzles. The system can be designed using electronic valves, that, when tripped, will pulse the output so as not to dump GALLONS of water - as was said earlier - especially into places where it is not neccessary. Some logic has to be designed into the system. For instance:

    This is my theory of operation: The fire supression system should be actuated by an electronic safety valve (MAIN) and have several other electronc "zone" valves as well - the electronic valves should be supplied by a system that can retain power during a power failure. Let's use the following scenario, a fire breaks out in the family room with the main bedroom above it. The logic should open the fire supression system to the family room after it senses a Rate-Of-Rise sensor has tripped (Temp gone from 80 degrees to 130 degrees in less than a minute) - you surely don't want these things going off if you just burn some stuff on the stove! The IMMEDIATE adjacent rooms should also be pulsed (30-seconds of water on,2 min off unless temp exceeds set limits) AND the master bedroom upstairs should be triggered as well to allow water to hit the flooring and walls, lessening damage. This should also be pulsed - but at longer intervals). During this time the electrical systems shoud be removed from the mains automatically and battery-operated assisted lighting should activate in halls and stairwells. An override switch can cancel the situation (if the fire becomes controlled) and stop the supression system.

    Using this method (And again - this is just logic in my own mind) - the room causing the main sensors to trip would be doused with water - at the time the sprinkler system triggers, the electrical systems go offline to ensure no hazardous shock conditions are present and prevent shorting. The immediate adjacent rooms get a substantial water drench - but nothing extreme enough to cause severe damage - perhaps only to fragile things like artwork and pictures. Since heat and flames RISE - any structures above the origin must also be doused to prevent - or slow - the flames from spreading quickly.

    A few things I need to mention here:

    You don't need to be a commercial establishment to have a fire supression system. Fires claim lives every day and I don't think being prepared should be misinterpreted for obscessive. I am not a firefighter - but I have firefighting sense. Prevention is #1 - PEOPLE!! Install smoke sensors on EVERY LEVEL of your homes. If you can - install a security system that will link all your fire sensors to a main panel where it can be HEARD by all and summon help! I have fire sensors in all the critical areas of my home. Where smoke sensors don't fit the bill (falses) I user ROR (Rate Of Rise) detectors, such as above the drop ceiling above my stove, above my electrical panel and in my work area in the basement. The security system is tied to my HomeSeer automation system - if a fire breaks out, the alarm sounds and my HA system instructs occupants to check doors and where the best escape routes are. In addition, it turns on all interior lights. I do not have the fire supression system as I described above installed yet - but someday when I build - I will have that system installed. For now - I have at LEAST one fire extinguisher on every floor and Battery Operated emergency lighting on every floor as well. AND CHECK YOUR BATTERIES regularly!! It doesn't do any good to have fire prevention if they don't operate!! You owe it to yourself AND the ones you love.

    I'll get off my soapbox now...sorry if I sounded like a commercial - if this helped ONE person reading these forums I accomplished my goal.


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      When I lived in Fayetteville, NC 3+ years ago, the building code required that all multi-family dwellings have a sprinkler system. I lived in 2 different places, both with sprinklers and never had a mishap. I think my insurance co even cut me a break on my renters insurance premiums.
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