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Any of you guys use a KVM?

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  • Any of you guys use a KVM?

    I'm looking at this one for my new computer/wiring closet.

    Also what are you guys using as a small monitor in a "wiring closet"?

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    I use a 4port cybex, they are very handy, just make sure if the cabling comes with it or not, cabling can get pretty expensive if you don't find the right source (but hopefully it will come with it).
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      I use a cheap one by IoGear and it works great.

      I've always had good luck with DLink stuff, so
      I suspect it's OK.


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        I don't have enough computers at home to have a KVM but I do use them out at plenty of customer's places. I'd say go with a Belkin and I've been very happy with those in many places.


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          I have a signamax that I really like but it wasn't cheap. It's rackmountable and black metal.


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            I use the old manual type like below. I used to get a mouse freeze when switching from time to time, but haven't noticed this in a long time. I got the cables from Rogers Specialties at a decent price.

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              Wow you reminded me that I have one of the manual KVMs for 3 pcs sitting in my 'inventory' doing nothing. I may need to learn how to sell on ebay yet.


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                I've got a pair of 4 port Belkins cascaded together. For the most part, they work nicely.

                I've got an old 15" monitor in the rack. It's okay for the few times I actually need to do something at that location. Only problem is the scrolling back and forth across the screen because I need to use low resolution. Kick it up to 800x600 and it gets a little hard to read.
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                  Mines a Belkin 2 port... really need one with more ports, too many computers! but dont tell the wife

                  Rupp, that dlink looks well nice.. buy it, review it for me please. may get one myself


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                    I bought a cheap 2 port IOGEAR KVM but it didn't work right with the servers I tried it on, and at the moment I'm using a notebook dedicated to HS, and don't have my servers powered on.

                    At work I've setup and used a lot of Compaq (made by Avocent) KVMs. They are nice. hp also has some newer KVM solutions that use IP to carry the signals over longer distances. They also have USB dongles so you can use the USB ports for keyboard and mouse with the KVM.

                    I've got limited hands on time with the new IP KVMs, but they seem to work pretty well if you have a dedicated LAN for the KVMs.



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                      I use one of the KVM (forgot manufacturer) switches in my wiring room. Love it. One little monitor, one mouse and keyboard for two computers.
                      D-Link looks nice and if it comes with the cables, the price is good.

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                        I have had excellent performance and am very happy with a 4-port Linksys SVIEW04 V2.

                        I also have a Belkin 4-port F1DB104P that I have problems with constantly - it often screws up the mouse when switching between Linux and Windows systems - the Windows mouse goes nuts and I can only fix it by rebooting the Windows machine.

                        Both units can switch ports via a button on the unit, or via the keyboard. The Linksys has a button for each port, making it easy to move directly to the port, while the Belkin has a single button that moves port-to-port, and is difficult to use quickly as you have to wait a half-second or so between each click.

                        Also, if you decide to cascade a couple units, make sure they are the same model or brand, otherwise you may see interaction problems.

                        I can't live without the switches now - I have one 19" monitor, mouse and keyboard that I use for all my office machines, and don't have enough monitors or space to hook each machine to its own display.
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                          The mouse problem that Gordon mentions is the same problem I have. It happens infrequently, but is a PITA when it does.
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                            When I picked up my rack I got this one. Haven't had any problems, and I know I won't be running out of ports anytime soon.


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                              If you decide on the D-Link - DKVM-2K,then get it here.....


                              Cheaper and only .99 shipping, compare that to Tiger's 9.35 shipping

                              Always check NewEgg first.