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    I have just finished a little utility for dealing with scripts. It does the following things to all scripts in the homeseer script directory or for specific selected scripts:

    Searches for blank lines or lines that contain only a single quote in position 1 and changes it to a vb comment with the line number of that line. (It understands include and counts correcrtly). Very handy when debugging scripts of large content.

    It will search for a string or sub string in a script and allow you to replace said string (or substring) with something else. I use that to make wholesale changes in all scripts.

    If anyone wants it I will write some documentation (it is fairly intuitive to use) and pack it up for distribution and make it available in the updater if there is a demand. It is easy to use safely in that you can eaily make a backup copy of your script directory before you play.

    If any one wants to play beta tester I would appreciate the help. I will incorporate all reasonable requested features. Just add your request to this post or drop me an email at

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