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Voice Recognition working for multiple people.

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    Voice Recognition working for multiple people.

    A few topics discuss how to change the speaker VR profile by using setSpeaker"" but leave out some important information.

    But first I have a question myself. After you change the speaker, how do you get it to timeout to reset to the default speaker profile? I'm new at this and don't know if it's possible to have a timer setup that counts down after the last command was received. If it timesout, send the setSpeaker"default" command.

    Ok my added comments on what you need to change user profiles.
    1. before running any script or command that switches the VR profile, create a new one in the settings>control panel>speech>speach recognition dialog box. Make sure the name you give it matches the name you will be using in the setSpeaker"" command.

    2. only run the speach recognition dialog box, while homeseer is not running.

    3. select the new profile, and have that user train it.

    4. before closing this out besure to preselect the default VR profile. then <Apply>

    5. start HS and run the cmd setSpeaker"name". make sure the name is exactly the way you have it in the profile.

    6. To verify that the profile was changed, look at the status bar in the lower left corner of HS and in ()s you will see the new assigned profile.

    Be happy

    Unless I am mistaken (as I do not use profiles myself) the timeout of the current session will result in the default (normal) profile being used the next time you get the computer's attention.

    Also, some very creative people here have come up with a little trick if you are in a situation where you must use multiple profiles (e.g. speaker independent recognition is not working well or you have somebody in the home with an accent that is not being recognized). They change the attention word response from its default of "Yes sire?" to "With whom am I speaking?" or something similar. Then, events with recognition phrases matching the user's name causes that event to be run which enables that profile.

    For example:

    You: Computer
    HS: I am here. Who is this?
    You: This is Charlie
    (event is triggered by "This is Charlie" that loads Charlie's profile)

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")