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Appliance Modules on Powerstrips and UPS

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  • Appliance Modules on Powerstrips and UPS

    I saw on this site X10 DSL where someone has an x10 receiver and X10 Appliance Module connected to a powerstrip connecting to a UPS. Is this safe?; apparently it works because he wouldn't have posted the page. I have the same problem with my dsl modem on occassion on heavy loads or being idle for a few days at a time.

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    Why wouldn't it be safe? I have 3 appliance modules and a powerflash module on a powerstrip that is plugged into a UPS. The only draw back is the ups goes dead quicker.


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      Notice that he has a TM751 (X10-RF -> X10-powerline) in the same power strip. This eliminates the problem of the X10 signal not making it through the UPS. But it can only be controlled by RF.


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        I have done this for some awhile. Have a Trip-lite UPS and have used an appliance module in line with the power for my modem. The reason I did this was the fact that COX cable would pull the plug from time to time or rather drop the line where the modem would lock up rendering any access from the out side. I have an x10 dialer where you can call in punch the code to turn on or off items. This works really well when you are remote and need to reset something such as the modem. These are all plugged into a PWR strip and then to the UPS. UPS will filter the code so it works best to be on the same strip. Hope this helps.