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    NOT HomeSeer's Fault

    As some of you may recall, I've recently upgraded my HS Server from a PIII 800 to an Athlon XP 2600+. Here are a few lessons that I've learned from this.

    When things go wrong, it's not HomeSeer's fault I was having problems on my old machine after going from Win2K to XPPro & adding the Zwave interface. I experienced lots of lockups... to the point that the system would rarely run for more than 60 minutes without locking-up (rendering it essentially useless). Even prior to adding the Zwave interface, the system was relatively stable, but the HSPCI modem could not see incoming calls.. and I was having some other DX9 issues relating to MusicLobby and JR MediaCenter. Bottom-line, my system was not reliable under 2k or XPPro.

    Now that I've upgraded the system (done for a relatively low price since I re-used all my old hardware less my mobo, CPU and RAM) Everything is working as advertised. The HSPCI modem sees every call and has a 90%+ success rate with CID (100% with WAFNetCallerID backing it up), the Zwave interface has now issues, My TTS is smoother and quicker to respond... It's an entirely different experience.

    OK, maybe that was one lesson with lots of sub points, but you get what I mean

    Now, I'm not saying that you can't run HS stability on an older machine, what I am saying is that certain combinations wont work (may be true on a brand new machine too).
    Hardware: i5-6400T w/16GB RAM & SSD w/HS3Pro, Z-Net, Harmony Hub x2, Echo Dot x2, Ocelot
    Plugins: Z-wave, HSTouch, BLBackup, Harmony, GTS CPUXA, UltraMon3, Nest
    HSTouch: Multiple Android Devices; 5 x ToteVision MD-1001 10.1" Win 7 Tablets
    Devices: Cooper RF9501 x4, RF9517 x6, RF9534 x1, RF9540-N x7, RF9542 x1, RF9542-Z x2, RFHDSCG x1, RFWC5 x5; Intermatic HA02 x6; FortrezZ MIMOLite x3; Leviton VRPD3-1LW x4, VRR15-1LZ x6; Nest Tstat & 9x Protects; Dragon PD-100 x3, PA-100 x3