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whole house transceiver-W800RF32A

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  • whole house transceiver-W800RF32A

    Can someone tell me what the whole house transceiver is used for and if anyone curently owns this product. What is the purpose and what are advantages/disadvantages?

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    It's an all house code RF receiver that "listens" to X10 wireless motion sensors, wireless door and window sensors, etc. It replaces the need for multiple TM751's or RR501's that can only listen to one house code like A. If you want to listen to house code B then you need another. The W800 listens to all house codes.

    For more information read up in the W800 forum below:


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      To add to Rupp's response, it's a receiver that works with normal x10 RF transmitters (palm pads, motion sensors, etc.) and x10 security devices (door/window sensors, motion sensors, etc.). The normal x10 transceivers will not receive the security codes.

      The W800 connects directly to a computer unlike the transceivers that retransmit the received signals through the powerlines.


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        Another benefit is that it has a much better range due to the 1/4 wave whip antenna.
        Martin Custer


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          Is this the something I would need if I want to integrate a wireless security system?


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            Depends on which wireless security system you are thinking about.

            With this transceiver though, as was mentioned earlier, you can connect up some of the X10 wireless devices like the door/window sensors.
            Martin Custer


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              I have 6 Door/Windows Sensors and 2 Glass Brake Sensors working with W800. Everything is monitored by Homeseer. Works great.

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                You can set up a simple security system pretty easily with a W800, the x10 sensors, and HS. However, it may not be as secure as a standalone security system that links to HS.

                I use HS for everything, but I'm not really concerned about security. All of my doors and windows are monitored using x10 DS10As (this includes interior doors (including closets)). I can go to an HS web page and see which doors and windows are open or closed at any time.

                When I leave home, I tell HS that I'm going. And, when I return I also tell HS. If the door opens and HS is not informed that it's me within 5 seconds, it will take a picture (using the camera pointing at the door) and send me email (at work and to my cell phone) to let me know that there has been a security event.


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                  I am looking for a system like smee described, except I want a siren and door sensors to chime. I also want to have my cell phone called when a sensor is triggered. I also want x-10 lights to go on if sensor is triggered at night. What would i need to get started with something like I described.

                  I have read the board and see that caddx nx-8e and napco 9600 system integrate good with homeseer. At first I want security system to operate without homeseer then once I get more versed with the software i would like to link it to homeseer. I am just starting out and am a little lost.


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                    Hi bso8870,
                    Have a look at this website they do alarm panels that can control x-10 devices and it will phone you or page you. And it has a chime function. It also has a serial interface for a computer, so in theory you could possibly write a plugin for it. Their powermax plus even allows for cameras to be hooked up. Also check this thread out


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                      I have the X-10 DSC-7000 Security system and sensors, plus HS, and the W800. I think I've got it doing every thing you asked for, plus sending eMail, SMS and some other stuff.

                      I still need to use both the Security remote and an X-10 remote to do everything, but that may be more due to my lack of understanding and scripting skill than technology limitations.

                      I like another thing about using the W800, there's less delay and less X-10 traffic on your wires.