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Web Cam or IP camera?

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    Web Cam or IP camera?

    I have few questions about camera:

    1) I want to get a camera that will able to display in my HS web page. Which plug in will provide a asp/html page that show the picture?

    2) What is the con/por for web cam/IP camera?

    3) If I choose IP camera, how can I incorporate to my HS web page?

    Appreciate your suggestion in advance,

    Just about any camera can be viewed on a web page. It really depends on which page you want to incorporate it into. If its a new page then that is relatively easy. Most IPCameras come with built in web servers and as such have their own html pages and either java applets or activeX contrils that serve the page. I really like the Veo line of cameras. They pan and tilt and come in wired and wireless versions.
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