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What do you recommend for system requirements for new PC for Homeseer

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    What do you recommend for system requirements for new PC for Homeseer

    Hi guys,

    I am going to buy a new PC and all it is going to do is run the home automation stuff.

    What does everyone recommend for system components in the new PC? Here are the things that will need to be run on the PC:

    Automation stuff:

    Homeseer Phone
    Media Player Plugin
    NeoSpeech voices
    Doomotion plugin
    DooNetwork Plugin
    Gameport Plugin X 4
    Message Server Plugin
    RCS X10 Thermostat Plugin
    Touchpad Plugin
    W800 RF (32bit) Controller Plugin
    PhoneWeb Plugin
    CM19A Ninja Plugin

    Other stuff:


    Here is the system I am thiking about getting:

    Intel Celeron Processor
    2.6 Ghz
    Windows XP Professional
    Six USB 2.0 ports
    512 MB DDR Memory (RAM)
    Western Digital 160GB 7200 RPM Hard drive
    1.44MB Floppy Drive
    SoundMax 3D sound, SPX & MIC. pre-amplifier
    52XCDRW/16XDVD Combo Drive
    10/100 Network card
    9-pin Serial port X 3
    Internet keyboard
    Optical wheel mouse

    If anyone can offer any suggestions, I would really appreciate it. I am not going to play games on this computer. I am only going to use it to run the home automation stuff. It would need to be good enough to support any future releases of HS (2.0 for example).

    I am not sure if I need 512 MB of RAM or if 256 MB would do.

    All comments welcome.
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    I would definetly go with at least 512, especially if you are going to use the homeseer voices. Don't know what's going to happen with 2.0, but now when speaking the voices use alot of memory. I have noticed other posts where after increasing the memory it helped out. Also, since it appears you will be playing music on this unit as well more memeory can't bea bad thing.


      Thanks for the reply.

      Yes I will be using the NeoSpeech voices. I forgot to mention that. I have updated the above post.
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        Is this a preconfigured box a la Dell, or Gateway, etc?
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          No, it would be a clone. No name machine.

          One that I would build myself at the store and then they would build it for me.
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            I'd be glad to make some specific recommendations if you like. (this is one of the things that I do for a living)

            E-Mail me.
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              I would loose the Celeron and get a Pentium HT. The HT (Hyper-Thread) version will give you much better performance. I would also consider 512 MB of ram minimum, in fact ram is cheap I would add even more ram. More ram will never hurt performance and it will usually increase it.


                I'd say drop to smaller hard drive and loose the Celeron processor and/or add some more RAM.


                  Here is the system that I got a quote for. From what I have read in previous threads, it should work just fine to run the Home Automation stuff only. I am not going to be playing any games on it or using it for anything else.

                  Here is the quote. It is in Canadian dollars:

                  2 year parts and labour warranty.
                  Norton AntiVirus 2003 OEM
                  Intel D845GVSRL 400MHz Motherboard with Video, an & Sound
                  Intel Celeron 2.6Ghz 400MHz Processor
                  512MB PC3200 400MHZ DDR Memory (S/N)
                  WD 160GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache HD
                  Integrated Video
                  Integrated SB 128 Compatible
                  Integrated LAN/NIC
                  LG 16X Black DVD-Rom (8162B)
                  Mitsumi 1.44MB Black Floppy Drive
                  5 Bay Micro ATX Black Case with Front USB
                  Altec Lansing 120 Black 2 Speaker System

                  The total (including taxes) is: $765.00

                  Let me know what you think.
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                    Loose the Celery stick
                    Add more memory
                    Get a smaller HD
                    loose the speakers
                    get a better MB
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                      What size of HD do you recommend? What motherboard are you referring to (Pentium 4??)

                      BTW, I sent you an email as well. Sorry for the duplicate. Did not know you would be that quick to reply to this thread

                      What is a celery stick?
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                        EMail sent...Celery Stick - An older reference to a Celeron CPU. (The reference is actually to a Celeron SLOT CPU)
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                          How many PCI slots on the motherboard? Generally, more is better.
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                            My $0.02...

                            Yes, ditch the Celeron. My rule of thumb which is pretty accurate is to take the CPU speed of a Celeron and divide it by 2, and the result is the more realistic speed of the machine.

                            You don't have to get the latest HT CPU, but at least get a real Pentium or equivelent AMD processor... none of those cache-less ones.

                            RAM to the max because, as has been said, it is cheap. People used to gripe years ago when RAM was expensive and Microsoft kept upping the requirements, but the workstations of the day (e.g. real workstations running some Unix derivitive) used to take 2x or 3x the RAM that PCs had, and nobody complained. Now the OSs out of MS make much better use of the RAM, so treat it like a workstation and give it a ton of RAM. Everything works better/faster with more RAM. Even a slow, bottlenecked hard drive can be somewhat compensated by giving the system more RAM.

                            PCI slots are less important than what they used to be - one for the PCI modem if that is what you use is about all I can think of. Even though my production HS machine has a Stallion multiport serial card that is PCI, I would go without that on a new machine as I have already seen a few more USB devices than before, and I found a $15 USB to serial adapter at TigerDirect that has been working perfectly (works better than the $40 converters!). There are a lot of inexpensive USB sound devices out there if the mobo does not have integrated sound, but they all do today as with Ethernet too.

                            The only other PCI slot need might be for a video capture device if you are not using Internet cameras and do not use an AGP video/capture device. Requiring two open PCI slots is not a big demand on today's PC - I bet only the e-Machines are eliminated by that requirement.

                            Them's my thoughts...

                            Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


                              Thanks for the replies!

                              There are 4 PCI slots on the MB. I will use one for PCI modem, extra com port board and the capture card I have
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