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Detect button press of this Doorbell/Intercom Unit

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    Detect button press of this Doorbell/Intercom Unit

    I'm thinking about purchasing a 'Doorbell Fon' system. This system connects an intercom to your phoneline via regular doorbell wiring connected to a controller.
    Here's a pic:

    Any ideas how to get Homeseer to tell that the button was pressed?

    There is an additional module for this. The DP-28CI "... provides 800ms of dry contact closure... activated by the push button on the door box. Use this product for a door chime, to activate a camera, or turn on a light." ( ~ $40 )

    I'm guessing this could probably be done easier with the DP-28CI... but can it be done without it? If so, how?
    (I'd like to solve this without the DP-28CI so that I can avoid having yet another piece of equipment (and another wall-wart) in my wiring closet.)