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X10 switch on/off at random

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    X10 switch on/off at random

    In the kitchen I have an x10 switch to turn on the TL kitchen light.
    It is triggered by a motion sensor.
    The TL light is an osram quicktronic professional. So it has no starter and the light does not flash when it goes on.
    The problem is, that the light goes on at random. Moost of the time, when it switches off, it goes on a few seconds later. But sometimes it goes on after a longer time.
    I installed an other x10 switch with the same code and an normal light. This one goes only on and off when it has to.
    When I switch the x10 modules, the problem stays with the tl lights.
    When I connect a 15 watt light parallel to the tl light everything is working fine.
    So I need something to filter the problem with the tl light.
    I already tried the x10 filter, but this does not help.
    Any advice?


    I don't know what switches you are using or what a TL light is, but it appears to be the typical problem that the 'local control' circuitry causes with fluorescent lights.

    Do your switches have local control?


      It's a Marmitek appliance module AM12 230V AC-50Hz 16A max resistive 1A max. inductive.



        Yes, the Marmitek AM12 does have the 'Local Control' feature. I expect that you would need to open it up to disable it. I would be tempted to just leave the 15 watt light hooked up.

        Here is the method to fix the problem on the US version of that appliance module. The circuit should be the same, but the board layout is probably different.


          Hi Rocco,
          Thanks for your reply.
          I will try the solution in the pdf.
          But can you tell me wat I can do with:
          "The Appliance Module has a number of features that may not get used much of the time.
          Three of these are ‘Local Control’, ‘Local Current Sense’ and ‘Momentary Operation’."
          Can I switch the module local?
          And how, does HS see this?
          Thanks in advance,
          By the way, are there more of those modifications for modules?


            Hello Peter,

            The features are: Local control meaning that the module has a switch on it to manually turn the module on or off <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(de module heeft een schakalaar op de module zitten om het aan of uit te schakelen)</span>. According to the Marmitek site, the AM12 has local control (= a switch on the module).

            Local current sense means that if the module senses a change in the use of current, it will switch. As a result, when you plug in a light and switch the original switch of the light, the module will switch <span class="ev_code_BROWN">(de module meet of er een stroom loopt. Hierdoor kan je, door het omzetten van de schakelaar van de ingestekkerde lamp de module laten schakelen. De module merkt dan dat in de afnemer een schakelaar is omgezet)</span>.

            This last one is probably your problem. In the TL there are currents invoked and the switch senses this. When you put a normal light in paralel, the switch will no longer sence a change in the current.

            On the marmitek website, this message can be found:
            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Product: AM12 Apparaat- /Schakelmodule Art. nr. 08915
            Vraag: Is de AM12 ook verkrijgbaar zonder auto-sense?
            AM12 modules vanaf productiecode xxD04 zijn niet langer voorzien van een autosense functie en kunnen daardoor gebruikt worden met sirenes en spaarlampen.

            For our english speaking participants: all AM12 modules starting with production code xxD04 will no longer have the auto sensing ability so they can be used for saving lights (fluorescent lights) and horns.

            TL-lights are fluorescent tubular lights.




              I opened one module, but the inside is completely different. Does someone know the diode I have to remove?

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                Peter, this may help, if you can follow the circuit on a PCB. The diode in question is the 1N4004 on the right, below the outlet. This schematic is courtesy of Steve Bloom.


                  Well, I tried d1 d2 and d12.
                  So far no luck. Without one off them the module will not switch.D1 and D2 are the 2 big ones.
                  The schematic of my module is different from the jpg file.
                  Only luck so far is that after putting the diode back in place the module is still working.




                    Good and bad news.
                    I tryed the TRANSCEIVER MODULE TM13 with the light and this is working good. Also no 'klik' when the module is switching.
                    Bad news is that I still do not know how to modify the switch module.
                    Still hoping for a solution.