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What's In a Name? (Why did you choose your login id)

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    What's In a Name? (Why did you choose your login id)

    Ok, let's have some fun. I have been wanting to ask this for a while. Why did you choose your login name?

    I guess I could start and say that mine represents my favorite pilot. The real answer in my case is pretty boring but it sure is easy for me to remember .
    Jim Doolittle

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    My other hobby is collecting meteorites. I've got pieces of almost 200 different falls and finds. Not only that but I've got one of the widest varities of types of any private collection in the world. There's at least one type of meteorite that I have the largest piece of outside of the Smithsonian. Even though I'm not very active in it at all anymore I started the International Meteorite Collectors Association which is a group of a few hundrend collectors/dealers from around 20 countries and has been featured in an article about meteorite collecting in Sky & Telescope magazine. I've also got signed copies of the two "bibles" of meteorite collecting that were gifts from the author for getting some material for a display for him. I've got pieces of Mars, the moon, and just about every asteroid that has been sampled. I've got pieces of meteorites that were buried as a dead star by indians, that served as a catalyst for a war in the 1400's, that have toured England as a curiosity of space, that may have fossilized martian bacteria, and that have diamonds that were formed outside of our solar system.
    Well, that plus I just thought it sounded neat.


      Oh, by the way, if anyone wants to increase their WAF all you have to do is start collecting rocks. Do that and your wife honestly won't mind if you buy a new TV instead because that's at least a bit more interesting than listening to you talk about origins of barred olivine chondrules versus radial pyroxene chondrules. A new modulator for the coax system? Hey, as long as its not a nice new diogenite, its great!


        Rocco was my dog's name (can't you tell?). My interest in HomeSeer started with my wife wanting to automate letting him in and out of the house when we weren't home (exceptional WAF, about the only thing with ANY WAF).


          Something I could remember


          Terry Hickman


            WOW, fireball, way impressive. You rock!! (pun intended)

            Mine is much simpler, my first drafting job out of school was in a small oem machinery manufacture. A guy in the shop I played softball with had the habit of calling everyone by their first letter, followed by the then "cool" obligatory MAN.

            I used it for my first log-in for compuserve soon after that and have stuck with it since.


              At first I used "huggy", which was just a name that I used way back when on a chat board I used to run, but then I changed it. I have never had a nickname that stuck for any length of time, so I just used my name.

              I know, no imagination... but when you're in IT and have to come up with umpteen passwords and logins for 100's of systems, software, and devices, you get burned out after a while.

              That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
              | - Gordon

              "I'm a Man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess." - Man's Prayer, Possum Lodge, The Red Green Show
     - -



                No further explaination needed.....
                Skibumsplace - Locate Me


                  I normally use my first and middle initials and last name. However, I registered on this board shortly after doing so on another one. On that other board, I did not want to use my name (for reasons that don't matter). Without thinking, I used the same name here and on one or two others. I now use it on other boards which have common users with this one so that I have the same identity on each of them. And now, I'm just too lazy to change it.

                  The etymology of smee: It's just a contraction of the answer to the question "Who is it?"
                  It's me -> 'tsmee -> smee
                  It doesn't mean anything or have any interesting connotation or personal history. I came up with it at the spur of the moment for that first board.


                    I guess I should add that I was going to make mine "Doo" for obvious reasons. Thats was my nickname in high school. Occasionally, guys would add a suffix like "-brain" or "sh*t" depending upon how that felt about me at the time .

                    I suppose this led to all my DooStuff and it is kind of funny that I just now, after 25 years, figured the connection.

                    Anyhoo, I will reserve "Doo" as a chat nickname and leave my real name on the board since I am trying to help others with the plug-ins and scripts that I wrote in addition to having plain old fun.
                    Jim Doolittle

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                      I had just watched a movie that had a character called Cactus.... The next day I had to set up an UNIX server & I remembered that character & called the server cactusbob. Users began calling me cactsbob when they needed admin. The name stuck for going on 12yrs.


                        Blade is my German Shepherd's name.

                        Here he is:
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                          Along with others, I chose mine so it was easy to remember. All 4 initials of my name and my house number. Original? Maybe. Creative? NOPE!



                            Have you ever heard of triple talk? One step past double (i.e. politicians) talk.

                            When I first got on the net (really prior to the net - compuserve etc.) I used this moniker. I was surprised that almost every early adopter out there knew what it meant.

                            This board surprises me. It is, without a doubt, the smartest collection of people I have seen. Even the arguments are downright funny, because they are so civil. Yet no one knows, or at least comments.

                            Hint: "You can vote for me because I'm always right, and I never lie."


                            George Leroy ........

                            This is GLT and I approved this message.



                              You are a 4 initial-er too huh? I still grumble at my parents for giving me two middle names...

                              I normally go with Tink, the family nickname. I went under that on this board before I was an employee. Then one day my former employer whom many nickname HELL sent their lawyers after me because they claimed something I posted gave HomeSeer proprietary information from that company. Thus, I nuked the ID and all of the posts. I then found out what they thought it was, and after I quit laughing (for about an hour) and had my lawyer tell them to pound sand, I came back under some pseudonym that I can't really remember. When I became an employee, I used my full name for obvious reasons.

                              Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")