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Spotaneous reboots

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    Spotaneous reboots

    I've got a situation that is getting more frustrating. My HA PC (P4 - 2Ghz, 1GB RAM, Intel Motherboard) restarts about twice a day now. It does not depend on the time of the day, or the current usage of HS - it varies.

    I've checked the HS and HSP logs, and nothing common is going on when the reboots occur.

    There are two things that changed around the same time that this started happening. I physically moved the PC to a different desk, and I installed an X10 camera and the Webcam plugin for HS. I have tried uninstalling the X10 camera and the webcam plugin, and it's still happening.

    Any ideas? Any way I can better track what's happening when it reboots?

    Check the BIOS configuration for your motherboard. Some newer motherboards have a 'failsafe' option when things get to hot (pass a certain, settable, temperature threshold).. Have you taken your machine outside and 'blown it out' (canned air) lately? Time to upgrade the powersupply to 350-400W? Add a fan?


      Also make sure the PC is not set to auto recover. On XP, Right click on my computer and select properties. Then select the advanced tab. Then select the startup and recovery settings button. Un check automatically restart. Also make sure error reporting is turned on at the bottom right of the System properties form. This way it should write an event log when it fails.
      Have you added any usb devices to the system lately by any chance?


        Check the XP system logs and see if it logs the reason for the reboot. Interrupt conflicts are one source of a reboot that may not log anything.

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          If you are still having problems, my experience has been that spontaneous reboots are usually caused by bad:

          1. Power Supplies
          2. Memory
          3. Mainboards
          4. HDD

          Those are more or less in order of likelihood.

          Since you moved the computer, I would reseat the memory and check all the connectors. Also quirky things like loose or partially connected keyboard or mouse plugs can be very deceptive, but they generally look more like lockups.


            Thanks, guys... Think I got it now.

            BIOS update - from v09 to v21! Should have done this a long time ago... I guess something in XP SP2 kicked it off.

            It's been running smooth for 24 hours - I'll keep my fingers crossed.


              After installing service pack 2 EVERY game I attempted to play would crash the computer to the post screen.

              After turning off the windows included firewall I have not had one spontanious reboot.

              It took me for ever to figure that one out. Thought it was graphics, then chipset drivers, then yadda yadda... Im just glad it was on my gaming rig and not the HA box.

              Just a thought, if you have a hardware firewall the software one is pretty much useless.


                Probably not the cause but automatic updates will reboot your computer if an update is installed. Wouldn't explain multiple reboots unless update having trouble installing.


                  I had spontaneous reboots once because of a IDE ribbon cable that went bad. The windows event log was a great aid to me on this....
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