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Using HS with Media Player

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    Using HS with Media Player

    Hi all. I am fairly new to some of the HS plugins and wanted to run something by you guys.

    In my current setup, I have Home Seer ruuning on 1 PC and all of my music and playlists are located on another PC on my network. I output that music PC to the main stereo in my living room.

    I wanted to know if it's possible to select music or playlists with Home Seer and have them played through the music PC in the other room. Would I have to move HS onto the music PC to do this? Or is it possible to have Homeseer somehow launch a player on that music PC?

    I have seen the Media Player plugin but I'm not sure if that will accomplish what I'm trying to do.

    If anyone has any ideas of how I can do this (i.e. what plugins I would need), I would appreciate it.