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Most cost effecient whole house Audio and Video

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    I'm currently using:

    Elk 800 Amp

    24.44 at worthingtons.

    Elk Speakers

    5.21 each at worthingtons.

    Jeff Farmer

    Jeff Farmer
    HS 3, HSPhone
    My HS3 Plugins: CFHSExtras, Random, Restart, Tracker, WeatherXML, PanaBluRay
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      Since I wasn't looking for great audio quality, I went with 70volt so I could switch speakers in and out without worrying about impedance matching. I used 100 watt amp from Parts Express. For speakers, I did buy some that are specific to the 70 volt system but otherwise you just put a transformer in front of any 8 ohm speaker and it works fine.


      Plus I am only using 22 gauge shielded wire to get the signal around, instead of 16 gauge.

      I put a Radio Shack Mixer in front of the amp and hope to blend in my WeatherRadio so I can run that whole house also.

      Now we just need a single threaded output mechanism for our HS speech with before and after exits to control the speaker sets!


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        Ok well I got my FM25B kit in today prebuilt for me and let me just say that I am very imrpessed with it.

        The Audio Quality and stereo seperation are excellent. I played some mp3 test tracks speaking Left channel, Right Channel, etc, test tones and it was rock stable. I can get good reception anywhere in my house and all the way up my street 4 houses down. If I want more reception I can always add an external atenna to the unit.

        One thing to note however the power supply that comes with the unit produced a huming noise on my radio broadcast when plugged into my IBM UPS. I removed it from there and plugged it into another wall jack and bang the hum is gone. I will try and do some more testing with it to see if I can increase Signal to noise ratio even more than what it is already. my guess is the singal to noise ratio while not DVD or CD quality is right up there with the commercial broadcast out there. No more background noise than a silent commercial broadcast would produce.

        I will give you guys a full rundown of the project and tweaks later on.