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Can VR and whole-house audio co-exist succesfully?

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    Can VR and whole-house audio co-exist succesfully?

    Hi All,

    I spent a couple hours searching the boards for this, and every wants to know what mic to use, but I didn't really see THIS question addressed,so sorry if I'm asking an old question...

    I think I have all the right hardware for VR, but I'm also very attached to our whole-house audio system and we have music in almost every single room that's on from the moment we get up until we go to bed.

    Having to mute the music to speak open-air VR defeats the purpose to me. I was doing some testing though, and what I heard (voice not too distinct from the noise floor of the music in the background) was not confidence-inspiring and I doubt that HS would be able to use it reliably. Even with an automatic mixer, whatever room was gated on had music competing with voice - and not LOUD music either, just a comfortable volume.

    I'll spend some hours tweaking my sound card and mixer settings, but the initial test cut was very discouraging.

    Anyone have wisdom to share on this?


    That's a tough one. I would be very interested in what everyone has to say as well.




      see this tread, i think it could you :

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