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whole house audio system CHEAP

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    whole house audio system CHEAP

    ok I have just finsied putting in my homebrew whole house audio system, I must say it works great, I took some ideas from the message board then added my own tweaks to them.

    I mountes celing speakers in every room of the house BUT I added a 70 v transformer to each speaker...
    then I purchsed an amp with a 70V output ( $69 from radio shack ) why? you may ask? well if you do this you have no problems with impedence matching or major level drops when you turn on more than 1 set of speakers, also the transformers have multi taps which means you can set a lower level for speakers in smaller rooms.
    next the switching trick. I saw on the newsgroup about using universal modules, that works ok for 1 or 2 spekaers but I have 14, so I found this:
    it basically is a pannel with 16 relays all x10 controled for $149

    I wired the amp output ionto this and the speakers off each relay, then in the script I just have it turn on the correct relay before speaking or playing music.

    I am also planning on using a smaller unit to switch some cams so i can toggle between night vision and day vision

    detail of setup in profile
    detail of setup in profile. Link to videos of my projects there as well. Over 300 scripts running every min and counting