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    JDS IR Expander


    I am a very new user of Homeseer, I have been a JDS guy for years and have a timecommander Plus and IR Expander. My question is how do I hook my IR expander up to my Homeseer computer? I am totally lost on how to integrate the two and need to be able to control lots of IR stuff. If there is a better solution than the IR expander please tell me.


    I have the JDS ir expander tied into HS.

    Mine came with an adaptor that the phone style cable plugs into that is then a db9 serial connector. There are also jumpers inside the IRXP2 that need to be swapped from the bus for the TC+ to RS-232.

    I have a scan of the instruction page that I can send you if you email me. It is too large to attach to a BB message.

    My email is in my profile.

    Later, Terry