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E-Mailing message files by script?

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    E-Mailing message files by script?

    I'm new to HS Phone. I searched the board, but came up dry on this.
    Is there a way to e-mail phone message wav/mp3 files via script?

    I see that you can enter a forwarding email address in the Mailbox tabs of HS Phone. But I think this will e-mail every message, 24/7.

    I only want to e-mail a new message under certain conditions. For example:
    1) when an "at work" flag is set, and/or
    2) when a message is left by a specific caller ID
    3) other specific conditions

    I would think I need to do this via a script, triggered by Phone, On Message Left. Can I write a script to e-mail a message? How? This is probably pretty obvious, but I'm lost.


    P.S. I was thinking I could use the App/Sound/EMail tab for the event - but what would the file name be for the last message left?

    Hometroller S6 w/ HS3Pro, Way2Call
    BLAB8SS, BL Backup, Easy Trigger, HSTouch, Open Sprinkler, SONOS, Ultra1Wire3, UltraM1G, WeatherXML, Z-Wave

    In a script you can control the message emailing. Look at the HSPhone help file under scripting/mailboxes, and you will see an item for the "Mailbox Class". In it there are various settings for the mailbox that you can change, and one of them, an attribute, controls whether the message is sent to an email address.

    Thus, something akin to:

    Dim mb

    Set mb = hsp.MBGetByName("Rick")

    ' Enable email notification
    mb.attributes = (mb.attributes or 16) ' 16 = &H10

    ' Disable email notification
    mb.attributes = (mb.attributes and (not 16))

    hsp.MBSave 'Save mailbox changes.

    (Off the top of my head anyway it seems that should work.)

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")