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    My only beef with DHL has been tracking. 9 times out of 10 DHL delivers it to the USPS for delivery. At that point, tracking stops. I can take 1-5 days after that drop off before it gets to my home. I live in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the country. I know DHL will do this in rural areas, but they also will do it in urban areas. With UPS, I can track it to my door.


      Originally posted by JeffCharger View Post
      from a Canadian perspective, I prefer USPS. Most of the problems that I encounter are due to customers and brokerage delays and costs. I have found the USPS is most often the "easiest" for me.

      I can't remember when I've ordered something and it's come DHL, so can't say one way or the other.... but Fedex of UPS have caused me all kinds of problems.
      I can't agree more. UPS and FEDEX brokerage fees to Canada are ridiculously high and the service they offer is crappy at best !


        Recent Use

        Just last week I got a delivery from DHL (Dell) and had a problem with their telephone support. I tried to change the delivery (when I had to work instead of being home to accept the item) and finally I had to make a general call, since the number on their website for deliver attempts was not being answered.

        Check-out their website and functionality as one of the several ways to evaluate their service.


          Not exactly exemplary service... this morning I got a small (6x6x6) package delivered by DHL. He tossed it the last 10 ft on to my front concrete steps.
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            Yesterday, DHL left a large package (2'x3'x6") leaning on my mailbox post along a well traveled road - 250 feet from the house. What a goober! I'm amazed it was still there by the time I found it. Even the mail carriers bring packages like that to the front door.

            A few months ago DHL left one outside the garage, but out in the rain without any plastic wrap.

            Never had problems like this with UPS or Fed Ex. DHL must hire UPS/FedEx rejects.


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              I can't remember a single good experience with DHL. Fedex tracking is top notch. The UPS guy always takes care to protect the shipment outside in the elements, when necessary. I would have to agree that a selection is the best way to go (not knowing what the implications are on your end). DHL is always my last choice.


                My vote would have to go with UPS. Never a problem, and the driver will make sure the packages will get to me.


                  I had one experience that was really good with DHL, so I remember it well. UPS or FedEx would never do this for me. In fact I chased a UPS driver down the street last week after he dropped a package off at my door and didn't ring the doorbell. I wanted to refuse the package, but he left it anyways, and didn't stop even though I chased him a block or so..

                  An attempt was made to deliver a package by DHL...
                  The driver stated the package could be picked up 3 - 8pm. I showed up to DHL at 7:45.... I was dissapointed to see this location was closed at 7:30pm.

                  I knocked on the window, and someone came to assiste me from their office, they opened up an got me my package. Saved me a trip and were very fair, kind and friendly...

                  This was on a holiday weekend and I would have also had to wait several days for my package had they not opened back up.

                  I guess their hours were to close at 7:30, but the driver had made a mistake saying till 8pm.
                  Joe (zimmer62)

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                    Yeah, it might be a little cheaper but the service is really bad. We used DHL several years ago and it just wasn't worth it with the delayed and lost packages.

                    Stick with a real carrier.
                    Martin Custer


                      It may have just flown out the back of his truck.

                      Every evening I see 2 or three DHL trucks driving up Jupiter Rd. on my way home. These guys drive like maniacs. Swerving in/out, etc. Don't get me wrong, I drive fast, but driving a big delivery truck like they do is just crazy.


                      Originally posted by yelloow7t View Post
                      There is a DHL driver in north texas with a brand new Dell Laptop.... My package tracking stopped with "on the dock in Dallas". Dell finally had to ship anohter one, and used UPS.


                        Another Canadian View

                        I have to agree with my two other Canadian voices, UPS & FedEx suck when shipping to Canada. Just last week I ordered from HS (which I don't very often just because of this problem) and was told they had UPS express which included the famous "Brokerage Fee' that they always tack on to the bill. So I paid the $70 USD,,, guess what, it arrived with another COD cost of $29 (you guessed it, Brokerage Fee). If I could have gotten the items somewhere else, I would have refused the shipment.

                        This is just a pile of horse pucky as I do not need a broker to bring anything in from the US as an individual, brokers are used by company's to save time and money because they are in business.

                        I was told by the person at HS on the phone that they will not use USPS as they can not track the item. I order all kinds of photo & video equipment from the US through USPS and have never had any problems. And I can track the parcel ???


                          USPS does offer tracking now, we are looking into offering this service.
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                            Hi Rich,
                            I am among the DHL haters..Reason being, out here in rural central Texas they transfer off to the post office. The post office makes us pick them up, probably mostly because they can't squeeze packages into our community mail kiosk. What this means for me is taking off work early, driving into town (I work in a larger town than I live in) UPS and FEDEX are always good with us. Both of them are reliable, and know where we want the packages left. I just ordered two air conditioner filters for my HVAC, and didn't know the company was shipping this way so tomorrow I have to take off to pick up two dang filters..Bah!

                            Choice is good..This way the folks outside the country or that do like DHL can have the choice..


                              2. Fedex


                                ups or Fedex. DHL hard to find shipping locations