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TI103 plugin troubles processing leviton dim values when receiving.

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    TI103 plugin troubles processing leviton dim values when receiving.

    This concerns the TI103 plugin I guess.
    I tried-out the version 1.0.15 and the 1.0.18
    of the TI103 plugin as well, but the problem persits in both cases.

    Here's what my problem is:
    When receiving leviton dim levels (e.g.$<2800!B[1]011C31AF# which would mean 'extended 1C')

    These commands won't be processed. It occasionally happens that it works every other
    time, but it is totally unreliable.
    SENDING leviton dim commands is OK, but processing after receiving them is buggy!

    I think the Ti103 plugin needs a bugfix for that.

    here's a grab out of my logfile:

    08.09.2004 21:56:11~!~Info~!~Control device from web B1 (Living Room ceiling lamp) DIMBF 40
    08.09.2004 21:56:11~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: $>28001B[1]011931B7#
    08.09.2004 21:56:11~!~Debug TI103~!~Dequeue: cmd1
    08.09.2004 21:56:19~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800!B[1]010531A0#
    08.09.2004 21:57:24~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800!B[1]011C31AF#

    Hi again,

    after having directly posted this issue temporarily to the "TI103" forum - I'm back with it here at the 'bug-reports', as it is obviously not a topic concerning the 'TI103' itself.

    I observed the following two items which let me assume that there might be a little bug in the

    First thing:
    I did the following,
    I entered at the Web control site, where you can send a command to more than one device at once, the command: DIM30% while I addressed the devices B01 + B02
    Thats it!
    - what happend
    The plugin sends out to the TI103 the following two strings, which is correct (at first glance) because there are two devices to send to:



    This is pretty much correct, except for the second string, that has an additional letter 'B' after the ']' Bracket.


    Second thing:
    And this is what really hurts me - concerning the 'Extended Dim commands in Leviton format'

    I know it seems a little "hard tech" explaining
    all this until reaching to the point.
    But aren't we all tech fans? -huh

    OK let's go on.

    I observed that sometimes when the TI103 puts a received dim-level message (leviton) from a lamp module to 'homeseer' (over the RS232) I can SEE IT in the logfile, but it will NOT be PROCESSED!!!
    PS: this received dim level command from a lamp module is not unwanted phantom signal etc..
    it is absolutely wanted...

    It seems to occure more often shortly after initiating any command from the website, which means that there will be sent out a message on the line.

    (Hey, guys - I even checked the checksum...)

    So, I really think the plugin for ti103 should be fixed.

    Because of this whole issue I can't have the current dim levels reliably represented in 'homeseer'.

    Here is an example in good case:
    28.09.2004 18:16:44~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]011231BE#
    28.09.2004 18:16:45~!~X10 Received~!~B1 (Office ceiling lamp) Extended 18 49
    NICE - the plugin processed the received command AND updates the GUI with the NEW dim level, which I can see - and be happy with it.

    And here is an example in bad case:
    28.09.2004 18:16:43~!~Debug TI103~!~$<2800! B[1]011F31D2#

    NOTHING happens, also no update in level representation in the HS GUI nor the HS website.

    Thanks in advance - for reading and hopefully
    understanding me and my problem.