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Off Topic - Need motorized Registers

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    Off Topic - Need motorized Registers

    Smarthome USED to carry standard registers with a bidirectional motor built in, or a spring return if you wanted that option...

    But, I can no longer find ANY motorized registers. And motorized dampers won't work for me. I have a Rancher with a full basement. The main trunks that run the length of the house serve both the upstairs and downstairs off common laterals... there is no point that I can "damp" that won't affect multiple areas.

    Any sources???

    PS... I need both FLOOR and CEILING registers !


    There is a product called the vent miser

    You might be able to modify it to work with homeseer, but don't hold me to that.

    Not sure where to purchase this one, but it might work for the ceiling:
    Joe (zimmer62)

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      I ordered some Brookstone units... hopefully they will not be discontinued as soon as I get them.

      I will let you know how they look.

      The other circular register look interesting. A bit Modern for my House, but intersting...


        No experience with these but they look interesting. I was buying parts for a snow melt system and I came across these.

        Running HS 3 on Win10 .


          Wow $85 - $125 seems very expensive doesn't it?


            The brookstone units are driven by a 3v DC motor, powered open, powered close on 2-wires, ie you have to reverse the polarity and run it for 5 seconds, After opening closing it shuts off the power.

            Not bad quality for plastic. No adjustment...all open or all closed. Wouldn't use them in a room with only 1 register.

            Looks usable for floor or Ceiling.

            Controller can do a couple of different cycles, also Weekends.

            Don't think they will work for what I want, as I want power in one direction, spring return so I can either apply power, or remove power.

            Haven't obtained one of the others yet. Anyone ?


              DYI Motorized Registers

              You might want to look at this website.
              DYI Zoning

              It isn't something I need but it is interesting reading and seems to address your area of interest.

              Rick Marron