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Best Windows system cleaner / optimizer

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    Best Windows system cleaner / optimizer

    What is the best program for cleaning / optimizing the Windows registry (or the whole system)? Basically, I'm looking for a good program to do a thorough "tune up" of a slow running PC without having to format and reinstall Windows. I'm not necessarily looking for the cheapest, I'm looking for the best and safest.


    Crap Cleaner is one of the best. This is what our IT department users at work
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      format c: /q



        One I will NEVER recommend is System Mechanic. Utterly horrible utility.
        A defrag running on a 120G took over 72 hours and still did not finish.

        I have been using TuneUp Utilities 2008 and it works great. They had a special a couple of months ago where you get 3 licenses for $49.95 which I thought was a good deal.

        It not only cleans the registry, but it defrags memory and hard drives. It also has a lot of utils to tweak the look and feel of windows - kinda like the TweakUI utility.

        Hope this helps.
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          I've used CCleaner with good success, and the price is attractive.

          Reviewed here:
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            Thanks for the suggestions. I will take a look at all of these.


              If you go on to the Giveaway of the day site now, they have Premium Booster 2.8 for download which includes a registry cleaner and defragmenter. 68% have given it the thumbs up.



                Originally posted by Bill Brower View Post
                format c: /q
                i have always used the old version of delpart... didnt ask you...

                years ago I used to just run the .exe from a prompt as it would then kick the help out...

                however delpart kinda didnt do that..!!!!!
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                  I've used RegVac for like a champ!


                    Originally posted by Bill Brower View Post
                    format c: /q

                    Works every time!!