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Need help wirinig Intermantic CA3750

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    Need help wirinig Intermantic CA3750

    I have purchased and installed the CA3750 outside for use with our pool system. The pool pump and filter are 120 volt.

    I set the jumper to 120 volt on the back and the switch to DPST. The device has been added to the zwave network and can be controlled by Homeseer.

    Now the issue is this

    There are 6 places for wires

    1 2 3 4 5 6
    W B

    I have connected the pump to 3,4 and filter to 5,6 and when the device is turned on it clicks but the pump and filter do not come on. If I connect all the wires to 1,2 the pump and filter work perfect, so I know that the pump and filter are working fine.

    The instructions state that jumpers may need to be used but I have no idea where to place them and even if they are needed.

    Any help would be greatful.

    Thanks in advance


    Connecting a CA3750

    Looking at the manual found on this site:-

    Its appears you can use either of the top two diagrams. It all depends if you wish to control the pump and filter from independent contacts or in parallel.
    The "jumpers" referred to are the links between terminals
    1->3 or 1->3->5 depending if using DPST or 2xSPST

    As you state the voltages are all the same 120V, it would be best to use the top right diagram. This means:-
    1 set the switch to SPST
    2 put links 1->3->5 (3 and 5 will be carrying load currents
    3 connect filter to 4 or 6
    4 connect pump to 6 or 4
    5 connect neutral to both filter and pump.

    Should now work with the relay controlling filter and pump.

    Usual disclaimer if things go wrong. ;-)


      Are you talking a 120V pump or a 220V pump? Do you have two pumps or one when you say the pump and filter. Usually the pump feeds the filter.




        Microchip was correct and it is working fine now. It was 2 seperate devices.



          so you had two 120v pumps?



            Originally posted by jpape View Post
            so you had two 120v pumps?