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Logic question - trying to turn off timer

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    Logic question - trying to turn off timer

    I have a status variable (R3) set to turn on when I request to put the house to sleep.

    When I Set R3 to on I have an event that then triggers and waits 10 minutes before sending out all of the sleep commands.

    However, if I set R3 to off during this time (I changed my mind and don't want the house to go to sleep), how do I stop the 10 minute timer?

    None of this is in scripts but do I need to resort to scripts to accomplish this? Thanks.

    When your delay triggers it adds a delayed event that is running for that 10 minutes. You could use the "remove delayed event" from the drop down box and specify what that delayed event is. I haven't tried it for your application but i have used it in others types.
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