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    Every night just before midnight, Homeseer injects a message into my log file saying "Switching to new log file" (and then it creates a new log file). I don't need a new log file every day. Is there a way to change the frequency of this? And also - is there a way to remove the message from the log file, whatever the frequency?

    Thanks in advance for any help ...

    Go to your setup/general tab.

    You will see an entry marked:

    Prune Old Log Files: Yes

    Set this to 'No' and it will continue using the same log file. This will get larger and larger over time so you will need to manually edit it.

    You cannot remove the message.

    Just interested why you find having a log file created every day a problem and why the message is offencive, especially at that is the purpose of a log (to log activity?)


      Thanks for the quick reply. I checked my setup and Prune Old Log Files is already set to 'No'. I will try to set it to 'Yes', and then back to 'No' to see if that helps. If it doesn't, any other ideas?

      Re: why I asked the question, I suppose each of us has their own peculiar way of using Homeseer. For me, I use it to monitor a weekend house in Vermont, and I've set up HS to write separate logs for the events I particularly want to track (e.g. one log tracks the security activities that are taking place; one tracks the temperature every hour; etc.)

      I like to be able to quickly glance at the general HS log file and hope to see little activity there - if there is activity, it means something has happened that is out of the ordinary. So I am trying to remove "unecessary" entries.

      Not a big deal... and thanks for your help.