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Controlling a TV with "SR" control input?

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    Controlling a TV with "SR" control input?

    I have a Pioneer 720HD RPTV and have been doing a bit of a kludge to get HS to turn it on and off.

    I have an Ocelot programmed with all my AV IR control codes and have an IR block hooked up to the output of the Ocelet IR. I then have emitters for my receiver, DVD etc. and all works well.

    Problem has been that the Pioneer's IR sensor is behind the center of the screen! Thus, I have an X-10 Pyramid set up across the room facing the TV and the Pyramid xmitter in the AV closet with an emitter taped to it. Works 95% of the time... assuming someone does not move the Pyramid.

    Decided to try to tackle this. Found my 720HD manual and it shows that the unit has SR control on the back (both IN and OUT). So I tried hooking a mono mini-plug cable from the IR emitter block hanging off the back of the Ocelot into the SR IN on the back of the TV.... but it does not work.

    I have *ZERO* experience with SR hookups (not even sure what SR means) and thus don't even know if this is theoretically possible.

    Can someone help me out on this?