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Suggestions on how to control a pool filtration pump

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    Suggestions on how to control a pool filtration pump


    I would like to control my swimming pool filtration pump with HS and MainLobby.

    For the moment, I have an appliance module connected to the pump, and I know I can setup timed events, etc. in HS.

    What I would like to do, though, is have some sort of friendlier interface for setting on/off times on a schedule (like you do for heating or sprinklers, etc.) say for the pump to be on 2 hrs a day during the week, longer during the weekend, etc.

    I was thinking of also using a scene from MainLobby to launch specific scripts in HS that would create the timed events, but I am not sure if I am going about this the right way!!

    I am open to suggestions and ideas.

    Why not just create several events in Homeseer that turn your pump on and off at the times you want. Use different events for weekdays and weekends.

    Then have a manually triggered event (via main lobby) that will supplement the normally scheduled run time for the pump. The manual event could be triggered whenever you have heavy use of the pool.

    Steve Q
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Pro Edition, Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 - Home, Number of Devices: 373, Number of Events: 666, Enabled Plug-Ins BLRF, BLUSBUIRT, HSTouch Server, mcsXap, NetCAM, X10, Z-Wave,Alexa,HomeKit



      You're right, that is probably the easiest way and is what I thought of doing first however I plan to eventually run most of the HA via MainLobby screens for various reasons, amongst which not wanting the wife to be fidgeting around inside HS... particularly not playing around with events...

      That's why I wanted to devise a sort of simple "fool-proof" MainLobby screen where you can use a display with weekdays and start / end times for say 4 different schedules and use that to control the events in HS, as well as a manual override.

      I am wondering how complicated it would be to do this:

      1. Set up a few events in HS
      2. Get information from the events into ML -> start time, delay, etc.
      3. Use a scene to display this (easy!)
      4. Allow modifications to event schedule in ML
      5. Send modifications back to HS and modify the events

      Alternatively, I suppose I could use the timer functions in ML Server to trigger device on and off commands into HS, but I was hoping to keep as much of my HA logic as possible inside HS and just use ML as the presentation layer.

      Once I understand the best way to do this, I plan to use the same setup to schedule the hot water recirculation pump for the house as well.