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    Originally posted by sarienbarry
    cable bills are way out of reach. you cant afford to go do anything, so you stay home and watch tv, and now they want to charge more money for phone and cable services? If my cable bill raises again, I will use a converter box and a antenna. all cable is for $55/mo. is reruns on every channel. which has hundreds more channels of real real rubbish (including 15 channels of the same broadcast of QVC - no thanks, one is enough), at least its free.


      Originally posted by completelyhis View Post
      We just do over the air. cancelled cable over a year ago. never looked back.

      my big complaint is the cost of cable internet. $60 for the base price, plus $10 for extra speed.

      I pay $14.95 / mo. It's slow..but I can watch Hulu over it without issue.
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        Originally posted by drozwood90 View Post
        I pay $14.95 / mo. It's slow..but I can watch Hulu over it without issue.
        yeah, i just checked and come to find out i'm on the fastest plan...i'm going to call them and ask them to drop me down to a cheaper plan, and i'll see how that affects us - we do a lot of internet stuff, hulu/netflix, online gaming, and voip.

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          Originally posted by Jim Doolittle View Post
          I just heard that in a couple of weeks your current cell provider will have to let you transfer your cell phone number to another cell provider. Another part of the legislation, is that you can transfer your land-based phone number to a cell phone.

          Jim Doolittle
          Doc, I do not believe I am reading this.

          In the UK we have been able to transfer our cell phone number to another provider for approx the last 15 years. As for the land line we have been able to keep the same number (including the exchange) when we move to any where in the UK for at least 30 years, and that is well before Digital Telephone Exchanges.
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            Why was a 7 year old thread resurected? Does this happen a lot on this bulletin board?


              Gogs I have just noticed this thread has been dug up from back in 2003! Does it win some sort of prize for oldest thread revival.


                I couldn't tell you why it was resurrected.. I don't think that happens too much, or at least when it does it stays on topic (unlike this one)
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