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Confused on multiple Speaker Clients

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    Confused on multiple Speaker Clients

    Hey all,

    I have multiple sound cards in my HS PC. The main card is for HS announcements. Usually a .wav file followed by HS test to speech. My second card is for MP3's. I have a Speaker instance for announcements (called "Master") and an instance for the 2nd card (called "Winamp".)

    The Master instance boots up with HS. If I'm listening to MP3's, I don't get the .wav file play or even the announcement on the second sound card.

    I tried firing up the second instance ("Winamp") of the speaker client on startup of HS, but then I don't get any .wav file actions. i.e. - scripts that play a .wav and then do an announcement just announce, with no .wav.

    Using "Master:*" in my playwavfileEX was giving me errors in the log.

    I'm probably not explaining this well, as there are a million potential variables to figure this out. Bottom line is: here's what I'm looking for:

    Whatever is played (.wav or text to speech) should pass through all the soundcards on my pc, all the time.


    This has been discussed already, and some helptickets have been placed by users. This is related to speaker app using an non-documented feature of Windows media player, and relying totaly on Media Player.

    In my setting, the only way to have a speaker instance play Wav files on another soudboard than the system's default, is to change the system's default sound output before launching the speaker instance.
    1 default system sound is sounboard 1, launch the speaker instance 1 with TTS ans wav set to output 1
    2 Change the system's default sound output to soundboard 2.
    3 launch speaker instance 2 with TTS ans wav set to output 2 with TTS ans wav set to output 2
    4 Change back the system's default sound output to soundboard 2.

    There is a little application named "quick sound" that you will find here and that will help .
    I use it to change the audio output before and after I launch the speaker app in the startup script. I could send you the code.

    This is a major bug for my system, as old as Homeseer 2...
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