Ok so my adt safewatch caretaker system is out....called ADT and alarm is done... YAY!!!!!!

my new concord 4 is all in and wired up... however I need to call the replacement monitoring company.. gonna do that in a bit...but..

well I have an internal speaker in the house.. and they were hooked up to the old system as follows:
has 4 wires
Black - IntSirn
Yellow - Voice
Red - DC Out
GND - Ground

Ok so I wired up Red and Black and my alarm seems like the internal siren works...

now my old system had voice... so if you armed the system it would say... Armed... or if alarm went off.. it would say...


Can I use the yellow on this one?
Im gambling that I need the concord 4 voice module but then could use it right?

gonna get all this in and hopefully start bugging about that plugin!!!!
oh Piperpilot where are you!!!!!!!!!

got my automation module too.. that wont be wired in for a bit... well maybe I will get to it today...