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Confused: iPhone UI to HS available?

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    Confused: iPhone UI to HS available?

    Is there a supported way to get the HS UI on an iPhone/ iPod Touch? Is it graphical? Or will HSTouch add the ability to run its UI's on the iPhone?

    Not sure what's available now, and what will be available in Q1 2009.

    You can simply browse to the HomeSeer web interface with your iPhone/iTouch browser today. If you know how to code HTML or asp you can create your own web pages to connect to HomeSeer. You can use the free Rover web interface plugin to connect to HomeSeer as well. There are also other apps that have been posted on this message board that work but the biggest problem is ever since Apple updated the i's operating systems to the latest version they broke something which causes HomeSeer to prompt you for your credentials each time a button is selected from a HomeSeer served web page.