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Monitoring internet traffic for total use...?

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    Monitoring internet traffic for total use...?

    OK, my ISP is going to be starting the "5GB/month" cap crud...

    I do not want to rely on their numbers as to how much bandwidth we are using.

    My DSL modem / router displays the amount of packets that are being sent / received, and I made a script that can parse that information from the modem's webpage.

    Any idea what the conversion is for a DSL packet to mb?

    Or is there a better way? Maybe hook my server into a HUB, and run a packet sniffer...anything that is destined for an address which is NOT my internal network, or from a source that is not internal should be considered external traffic? Is there software that can calculate this?

    Or are there better / different ideas?

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    Hey Dan,

    Could you perhaps clear the packet counter in your router to zero then download a file of a known size (e.g. 1 MB) and then check the router for the packets received?

    ?? Packets received = 1MB


      Check discussions in ; it mentions a few tools that you might be able to use.