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Magnetic Door Locks

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    Magnetic Door Locks

    Anyone using the magnet door locks on their house doors?
    I think you would need to use a Z bracket.
    Is anyone using this, and how did you hide it so it would be less visible?
    What holding power would you recommend?
    What about sheer locks?
    Maybe that would look better and hide easier?

    I had one on my old house and it looked DIY'ish, but worked o.k.
    It was a 600 pound model. A friend took it as a challenge, and threw himself against the door several times and it finally let go.

    So I am thinking 1200 lb holding force.

    Ideas? now is the time for me to wire it while the house is being built.
    A computer's attention span is as long
    as it's powercord.

    I don't have any installed and would not rely on them for main safety, since the integrity of the lock depends on the electrical supply.

    They also can't be reliably operated off of batteries for extended period of time, because of the large current draw.

    I considered installing some a while back (and I actually bought one) but in the end, I opted for a Biometric (fingerprint reader) door handle and an electric deadbolt combo.

    The electric deadbolts are secure. They're completely concealed. They can be integrated in a Home automation system and they draw much less current than the magnet locks. Therefore, they would work longer off of an emergency backup power system (batteries).

    They come in fail-safe and fail secure configuration. For a home deadbolt application, a fail safe type is a better choice because of safety concerns.