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New insteo motion sensors - questions about low battery

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    New insteo motion sensors - questions about low battery

    I just noticed that in the latest smarthoem catalog, they now have insteon motion sensors. this is great news because i have a few of the old x-10 ones and they aren't as reliable as i'd like. although the most annoying thing about the old x-10 motions sensors for me is that its hard to knwo when the batteries need replacing. because they arent 100% reliable, its hard to knwo if the battery is low or if its just acting up.

    so... i noticed that on the new ones it says:
    Get notified when it's time to change the battery. INSTEON Motion Sensor has 2 methods of indicating the battery life is low:

    * LED double-flashes after motion is detected (even if LED is disabled)
    * On command is sent to 'Group 3', which can be utilized with INSTEON software or an INSTEON automation controller
    but i'm wonderign what it means when it says 'Group3'.

    can someone explain that? and is there a way to somehow use that via homeseer to have it email me or something when the battery needs replacement?

    The motion sensor is kind of like a keypadlinc in the sense that it has three internal buttons.

    When it detects motion, it sends an "ON" command as if button 1 was pressed (group 1)

    When it detects dusk/dawn, it sends ON/OFF commands as if button 2 was pressed (group2)

    When the battery is low it sends "ON" command as if button 3 was pressed (group 3)

    In HomeSeer, you would link the PLC/PLM as a responder to the motion sensor and set up an event that triggers when motion sensor / group 3 is ON. The action would be something to get your attention - email, speak, etc. I'm not sure how to configure the group with the Insteon plug-in, but with the ISY plug-in, you'd simply have a device say, "Hall Motion Sensor Battery", and set a trigger that says "When ISY Device Hall Motion Sensor Battery is ON". The ISY would take care of creating the links when you configure the motion sensor.
    Bob Paauwe
    ISYInsteon Plug-in