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Advice for new Davis VP2 Owner Please

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    Originally posted by RegForte View Post
    You should definitely consider trying different packages... You can use more than one at the same time, also. Check out VirtualVP. It allows "multiplexing" of the Davis console.
    I am sure I will try others over time. Once I better understand what I have and what I would like to have. The VirtualVP program looks interesting. I am thinking about getting an Envoy and that program looks like it could eliminate that need.

    If you want to take the next step beyond that, put the data into a database.
    I do this now, with Access. However I am simply extracting selected HS sensor values and storing them for history analysis. The CSV file output by WD will be easier to use and provide much more data.

    Thanks for all the tips. The feedback has been helpful. If you think of anything else, please mention it.