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    I am almost completed converting from X10 to UPB. We are in a "high-noise" envirnment and finally got fed up with the stray X10 stuff we were seeing. Even with top of the line filters and repeaters we still did not have acceptable performance. Z-wave and insteon both looked interesting, but in our "noisy" envirnment they wouldn't have stood a chance.

    That said we went to and have been amaized. An out buildig that had NO X10 signal has full strength with no repeater and only a basic pasive bridge.

    Just for consistency's sake I have tried to always use a LINK rather than a direct device in all my setups. That way if I want to add another control point, indicator or another module I can without having to re-work things...

    Working with links has exposed a few more HS inconsistencies than I would have liked, but so far I have been able to work arround most of them.

    Save/restore is the first time the I found that HS just won't do what I want working with the link rather than the device...luckily I can "device it" and keep going.

    I will take a look at your script....

    Overall UPB is such an improvement we can put up with some difficluty as we are trying to do things we never imagined when we were trying to work with X10.

    I am sure that the UPB link plug-in will get better and smarter and eventually completely understand links...



      I have some script code that will:

      Given a link device, save the status of all devices that receive the link


      then restore the value for each of the devices.

      I use this with my home alarm system. Anytime an Alarm is triggered, I activate a link that starts most of my home's lights blinking. Before activating the link, I save the current state of each of the devices that the link effects.

      When the alarm stops sounding, I then restore each of the devices to their original state.

      I'd be glad to share the code if you are interested. It reads the UPB .upe file to determine the targets of the link.